The Stadia Connect Club Engine is an “Everything in one hand” solution for all thinkable functions and services. Satisfy your fans and learn from them. Grow together and evolve your club and its community. The engine is an app on their devices, desktop our smartphone. This app is the ultimate tool for the Fan. The app facilitates, registers and serves. Everything you need is in your hands and those of the fans.


Mobile Only (SSO) is one of the most handy features of The Stadia Connect Club Engine Once signed on, you are connected to the app, to the My Club desktop website and your tablet. You don’t have to log in for every feature. Once you’re logged in you have permanent access to all your devices.


How is The Stadia Connect Club Engine system organised? What do you get in return as a club? You get knowledge commitment and insight. The back of The Stadia Connect Club Engine system is the Power bi+/dashboard/crm that will give you a comprehensive insight into the behavior and needs of the fan. As a club, you can communicate with the fans. Send mail, push notifi cations and so on. Give feedback to your sponsors and the fans preferences and needs.


With the Stadia Connect Club Engine you connect all your existing systems in the stadium and bundle the data resulting in a unique customer experience. In addition, you have all data live and realtime thus extensive insight in F&B sales, promotions, names of your best customers and much more.


The Stadia Connect Club Engine is a modular system where you can plugg-in various functionalities . That makes the possibilities endless and always up to date. Think of entertainment, virtual reality, video’s and Ewallet


Stadia connect Wi-Fi, a high density Wi-Fi solution for sports and entertainment, is a turn- key combination of leading wireless technologies, specialized software and professional services optimized for stadiums and arenas where large crowds are gathered.

Fans come equipped with their own phones and expect reliable mobile connectivity to communicate with friends and to view and to participate in custom create, exclusive in-venue content, such as replays, special interviews, merchandise or refreshments deal alerts, trivia contests and many more fan experiences

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